Open lecture with Hans Rosling (in Swedish)

Note: Date already passed. On Tuesday, 8 September, Hans Rosling will give an open lecture at Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden. The lecture will be in Swedish and the title is “Blir världen bättre?” – (Is the world becoming a better place?).

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TV-documentary on Hans Rosling now with subtitles

In the next 30 days you can see the Swedish TV-documentary: Rosling’s World: The best statistics you’ve ever seen, with English subtitles, on the webpage of the Swedish Television. The documentary will be aired again on Swedish Television (SVT24) on Tuesday 18 August, 20.00 in Sweden (19.00 CET) and in conjunction with that the video will be posted on SVT’s site for 30 days, this time also with English subtitles.

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New Google feature: “public data search”

Google has just launched a new search feature that makes it possible to search and compare public data in an interactive graph. In this first version, data for unemployment, for all US states and districts, are available and the results are very interesting:
Click this link to see and investigate US unemployment rate

Also read Google’s official announcement:
Google Blog: Adding search power to public data

Hans Rosling documentary on Swedish Television

“Roslings värld”, a new television documentary about Hans Rosling produced by the Swedish Television (SVT), will soon air in Sweden. In this portait by the Swedish journalist Pär Fjällström the viewers get to follow Hans Rosling during a few weeks in the end of 2008.

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Two new videos with Hans Rosling

200 years that changed the world

– 200 years of history in 4.5 minutes.

Viewer responses to the video:

“Thanks for posting another thoroughly thought provoking video.”
“This is brilliant, compelling and amazingly well visualized.”

Shanghai, New York, Mumbai

– Is Shanghai healthier than New York? And how do Washington D.C. and Mumbai rank?

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Learn to use Gapminder in the classroom (in Swedish)

Are you a teacher? Do you live in Sweden? We now offer a course on how to use Gapminder materials in the classroom. The course will be in Swedish, takes place in Stockholm on 15-16 of June and the prize is 2800 SEK + sales tax. If more than one teacher come from the same school, we give a 15% discount on the prize.

If you are a teacher who don’t speak Swedish, or for other reasons cannot participate, we are still interested to hear your suggestions for how we can improve the online resources for teachers on the website. You can contact Klara Johansson if you have some valuable suggestions.

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Hans Rosling debunks myths in new lecture-series

<br />Can the population growth be stopped? Is Brazil, Egypt and Bangladesh now improving faster than Sweden ever did? And can everyone live on the same level as the rich countries?

In a new lecture series, filmed in a studio at the Swedish Television, Hans Rosling answer yes to all questions above.

The lecture has been divided into three videos that you can find in the video-section.

Part 1 – What stops population Growth?
Part 2 – Poor beat rich in MDG race
Part 3 – Yes they can!