Open lecture with Hans Rosling (in Swedish)

Note: Date already passed. On Tuesday, 8 September, Hans Rosling will give an open lecture at Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden. The lecture will be in Swedish and the title is “Blir världen bättre?” – (Is the world becoming a better place?).

When: Tuesday, 8 September, 19.00
Place: KI Campus Solna, Berzelius väg 3
Room: Sal Jacob Berzelius (fomer sal. Adam)


8 thoughts on “Open lecture with Hans Rosling (in Swedish)

  1. i wonder why your programme hasn’t got any information on Nepal.
    would really be great if i could find something in it.

    but is there any specific reasons for not having nepal on the list.

  2. I wont be at the lecture but I had a question, I’ve been playing with the Gapminder and I can’t figure out why from 2001 USA has a had spike over other nations in AID given? And is this going to be a trend world wide?

  3. Dear Jason, thanks for your question. Yes, there has been an increase in Aid over the last 10 years.

    The spike in you US Aid you see comes first of all from a historically low position from a few years with around 0,10% of GNI in aid. US had normally before been twice as high. Also the big spike is mainly due to debt relief to Iraq and Nigeria and the aid to Afghanistan and Iraq due to the last years wars is a big part of US increase. After 2005 US aid fell with 22% in two years, but US is in absolute money, by far still the biggest contributor in the world.

    Calculated as percentage of the national income however, US and Japan is are the two countries with the lowest aid, with only 0,18% of GNI, far behind the international 0,7%-target. The global average is 0,30%.

    US ODA 1980-2008

    The somewhat “abnormal” spike in the middle of the decade meant that it looked like aid was decreasing the years after but last year, 2008, the global aid-flows were again as its highest with almost 120 billion dollars in real terms.

    There is now a fear that the financial crises could turn that trend downwards, in a time where aid is perhaps is more needed than before.


  4. Brilliant talk at TED once again Hans – you do it every time! Congrats!

    BTW, your public version of the software does not allow decomposition of countries by quartiles etc. like you showed during the presentation. Is that in a different version of the software?

    Thanks again for a delightful show on Mindset vs. Dataset!

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