See "Gaps" within each country

After several months of testing, a new service of Gapminder is now available. 

During the process of development, different geographical regions within the same country could have very different speed of development, and this may cause significant internal gaps. By using statistics animation technology, these gaps could be visualized and the change over time could also be displayed. For example, you could compare the development of Utah from US and Shanghai from China during the last 3 decades: Utah vs Shanghai

We would strongly recommended that you read the “PDF tutorial” and the “Caveat” to the left of the graph first.

New Indicator: Public & private health expenditure (% of GDP)

On request we now add the new indicator “Public & private health expenditure (% of GDP)”.

It shows how big share of the average person’s income is being spent on health care, whether it is through the tax they pay, the health insurance they have or through out-of pocket expenses.

Here the indicator is compared with Infant Mortality in Gapminder World.

Here is a link to the spreadsheet of the indicator.

Unfortunatly the indicator only covers the years 2000-2004 (with three exceptions), so any tips on where we can find data covering more years are most welcomed.