TV-documentary on Hans Rosling now with subtitles

In the next 30 days you can see the Swedish TV-documentary: Rosling’s World: The best statistics you’ve ever seen, with English subtitles, on the webpage of the Swedish Television. The documentary will be aired again on Swedish Television (SVT24) on Tuesday 18 August, 20.00 in Sweden (19.00 CET) and in conjunction with that the video will be posted on SVT’s site for 30 days, this time also with English subtitles.

Note: Unfortunately Swedish Television (SVT) only show documentaries online for 30 days after they aired and since that date has passed the documentary is at present not posible to watch online. Since SVT also has the rights to it we are at present not allowed to show it on

In English:
»
» Direct link to the TV-documentary – with subtitles

In Swedish:
» Läs mer på på svenska
» Direktlänk till video utan engelsk text