Resources for teachers

We are planning to develop resources and manuals to make it easier for teachers to use gapminder in their teaching.

We already have found a couple of resources on the net (see links below).

We welcome any feedback, suggestions or comments from teachers who wants to use, or are already using, the resources of gapminder in their teaching. You can post a comment on this blog or send us an email.

If you want to share any internet resource of relevance for using gapminder in teaching we would be most happy to add it to our list below. 

Here are some sites, in various languages, that present some ideas on how to use gapminder:


Digital geography blog: ”Gapminder – Some teaching resources”

Discussion on how to teach correlations, using (an old version of) Gapminder World 

Some tips on


Geomatica Educativa


Université de Strasbourg



Lärarhandledning av Hans Johansson (finns filmer som kräver Acrobat Reader 7.08 och Flashplayer 9)

Instruktionsfilm på Svenska av Gapminder World av Hans Johansson