Learn to use Gapminder in the classroom (in Swedish)

Are you a teacher? Do you live in Sweden? We now offer a course on how to use Gapminder materials in the classroom. The course will be in Swedish, takes place in Stockholm on 15-16 of June and the prize is 2800 SEK + sales tax. If more than one teacher come from the same school, we give a 15% discount on the prize.

If you are a teacher who don’t speak Swedish, or for other reasons cannot participate, we are still interested to hear your suggestions for how we can improve the online resources for teachers on the website. You can contact Klara Johansson if you have some valuable suggestions.

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See "Gaps" within each country

After several months of testing, a new service of Gapminder is now available. 

During the process of development, different geographical regions within the same country could have very different speed of development, and this may cause significant internal gaps. By using statistics animation technology, these gaps could be visualized and the change over time could also be displayed. For example, you could compare the development of Utah from US and Shanghai from China during the last 3 decades: Utah vs Shanghai

We would strongly recommended that you read the “PDF tutorial” and the “Caveat” to the left of the graph first.