Gapminder Tools are coming

Dear friends,

We’ve been working hard for the past few years on our new product and we are now ready to introduce it:

Welcome ⧉ Gapminder Tools: our new Bubble Chart and more!

– It works on mobile devices and supports touch screens
– It’s based on the latest open-source technology
– It’s faster
– It’s extendable. We will have not just the Bubble Chart, but many more tools. See the ⧉ income mountain, for example
– It will soon be offered in many languages
– Much more to come. Stay tuned!

Visual instruction how to use the new bubble chart
Click for the full version


Gapminder Tools is not fully polished yet and may behave strangely or slowly at times. Possible troubleshooting can be to try running it in Google Chrome web browser (if you aren’t already). If anything is blocking you from using it on a daily basis, please ⧉ let us know and we’ll try to fix it as soon as possible. We are improving performance and stability at this very moment. All feedback is treated as high-priority.

The data in the new version should be exactly the same as in Gapminder World, but there might be differences in how it’s displayed. If you see anomalies, like a missing country for a certain indicator, which was there before, please ⧉ report them as well!

What will happen to the old Bubble Chart?

During the past 2 weeks you could observe ⧉ Gapminder World not working because of an update in Adobe Flash Player 21. Flash is a technology used less and less nowadays, we have no control over it, and we are expecting the old Bubble Chart to become less and less reliable with time.

The old Bubble Chart will remain on our website for as long as it remains reasonable and you can access it using this link: //

We’d like to thank you so much for using Gapminder World! It played a prominent role in teaching a fact-based world view and became a landmark of data visualization and statistical storytelling. But time doesn’t stand still and we are now retiring it.

You are awesome! Thank you!


Gapminder Tools is brought to you by: Gapminder: Ola Rosling, Sweden, Angie, Russia-Sweden, Jasper Heeffer, The Netherlands, Arthur Camara, Brazil-Sweden-Canada, Amir Rahnama, Iran-Sweden, Carl-Johan Backman, Sweden, Anna Rosling Rönnlund, Sweden, Thiago Costa Porto, Brazil-Sweden. Valor Software, Ukraine: Dmitriy ShekhovtsovGeorgii Rychko, Nataliya Soloviova, Oleksandra Kalinina, Valeriy Trots, Vyacheslav Chub, Vyacheslav Panchenko, Andrii Glukhi., Pakistan: Abid Ali, Umar Farooq. Freelancers: Dima Basov, Russia, Sergey Filipenko from Onix-Systems, LLC, Ukraine, Semio Zheng, China, Patrick Ward, USA, Alex Bukengolz, Canada, Jiang Dongke, China, Dmitry (IncoCode) from Onix-Systems, LLC, Ukraine, Rafael Lage Tavares, Brazil, Fredrik Wollsén, Sweden-Finland