Around the world

Our teaching materials are being used in classrooms around the world. Below are some examples of students and teachers sharing their experiences with our materials and tools. 

We always love to hear from those who have been using Gapminder materials in class. Please contact us on [email protected] if you’d like to tell us your story.

In English

Amazing films made by students about Factfulness.
Teaching Dollar Street in Data Science Classes
Looking at statistics with year-8 students
Gapminder and Worldmapper
Gapminder course at the NYC iSchool
In Data Sciences Classes, by Create & Learn
Geographies of Human Wellbeing, by Timonthy McNamara
Dollar Street Assignment, by Erik Schneiders
Digital geography blog: Gapminder – Some teaching resources
Discussion on how to teach correlations, using (an old version of) Gapminder World

In Swedish

Få ut mer av Gapminder – 10 tips
Gruppövning, varifrån kommer maten
Introduktionsövning, CO2-övning & lärarhandledning
Lärarhandledning av Hans Johansson (filmklipp m.m.)
Instruktionsfilm på Svenska av Gapminder World av Hans Johansson

In Dutch 

Praktische opdracht, door Erik Schneiders