Ever since Gapminder was founded in 2005, we have created materials that could be used by teachers. Please feel free to explore some of our older content to see if it is of use for you. Like everything we create, it is free to use.

Teacher’s guide: Lesson on 200 years that changed the world: This teacher guide explains how you can use Gapminder World to lecture about global development from 1800 until today.

Life Expectancy PowerPoint: Life expectancy is a very important measure when we compare the health of different countries. Teach your students what it measures.

Teacher’s guide: Quiz about Global Development: A teacher’s guide to a quiz about global development. The quiz uses Gapminder World. All you’ll need is the Internet, a computer and a projector.

Human Development Trends 2005: A thematic package of animations for your lecture. Click and choose which of the 9 sections you will use. (Available in many languages.)

Gapminder’s card game: This card sorting game challenges students’ perceptions about the contemporary world.