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Teaching materials

Gapminder has been testing the knowledge of thousands of people around the world for many years. Most are absolutely wrong about basic global facts and suffer from an overdramatic worldview.

As teachers, you have an amazing opportunity to help your students dismantle global misconceptions from an early age. The world is changing faster than ever before and it is extremely important that young people have the skills and knowledge to make the right decisions and navigate it properly.

Why is it important to have a fact-based worldview? Imagine you are on a road trip with your family or friends, and the GPS in your car has a map that is 60 years old. This map doesn’t show how the roads, city, country or planet have changed, just what existed many years ago. You would never make it to your destination.

Subjects like the global economy, culture, development and health are exactly like that imaginary road trip: we need updated maps to be able to understand where our destination is and how we can get there on time and without stress!

These teaching materials should be used to help your students update their knowledge and develop skills that will allow them to think more critically about global issues. They are not designed only to provide facts but also to help them discover what is wrong about their worldview and to flip it to become a more accurate one.

How fact-based is your own worldview? Test yourself before going further: https://gapm.io/test

All of our materials have been tested by teachers. They are free to use and adapt as long as the source is acknowledged. If you have feedback, questions or would like to share with us your own materials, send us an email at info@gapminder.org