Data for "Income per person" now also for 2006

The indicator “Income per person (fixed PPP$)” has been updated with new data for the year 2006 for 173 countries and territories.

Here you can see the graph for 2006.

This data was based on the real growth rate, taken from World Development Indicators 2008, linked to the Income per person at 2003. At the same time the previous data for 2004-2006 was replaced with the new data for all these 173 countries and territories. This was also done for another seven countries, for which the new data only goes to 2005.

For most of these 180 countries or territories this has not caused any major changes in the data. The exceptions are Equatorial Guinea, Montenegro, Dominica and Serbia for which there seem to be discrepancies between the old and new data of up to 20%.

NOTE: “Life expectancy at birth” do also have data for 2006, but many of the other indicators still have no data for 2006.

NOTE: The documentation for “Income per person” has also been updated (it is now called “version 2”).