New "indicator" to make it possible to display years by colors

A new indicator called “year 1950-” has been added (you find it under “other”).

It simply shows the year, i.e. when we look at data for 1960 the indicator will be 1960 for all countries.

By using this indicator for the color of the bubbles (which you do in the top right corner of the graph) and using “trails” for a selection of countries you can more easily compare the development over time of these countries.

Here you see an example of this (opens in a new window). The development of China, USA, Botswana and South Africa between 1950 and 2005 is compared.  The blue bubbles show the situation in the 50’s, the green bubbles show the situation in the 70’s and so on.

Note: the indicator only starts at 1950 so obervations before 1950 will be without colors.

Here is a link to the spreadsheet of the indicator.