Data on CO2 emissions updated

Gapminder World now incorporates the latest update on carbon dioxide emissions from burning fossil fuels. This update adds more recent data and makes some corrections for earlier years. Data are now available from 1751-2005.

See this example graph which shows CO2 emissions per person against income per person, with the bubble size representing total CO2 emissions.

CO2 historical data added and total emissions added

We have now added data on CO2 emissions per capita from fossil fuels going back to 1820 (or close to the start of the industrial use of fossil fuels). We have also added data on total emissions for the same country. A new example graph shows per capita CO2 emissions on the Y axis and total emissions as the size of each bubble. This graph is available here.

Press the “Play” button to see trends over the last 90 years. Among other things, it highlights that while China is close to passing the United States as the largest emitter of CO2, China’s per capita emissions are still much lower than those of the United States.