Visualizing Swedish aid data

This page contains visualizations of multilateral and bilateral Swedish development aid.
Data source: SADEV, Unit in either USD or USD 1000.
Technical note: In some web browsers, you might have to install Sun’s Java Plugin to view and interact with the visualizations.

Multilateral aid

Choose organization from the menu to the left.

Bilateral aid, administered by SIDA

Try reordering “Sector”, “Region” and “Country” (menu at the top) to change perspective. (To browse a specific country by sector aid, reorder to have “Country” first)

Motion chart example

Choose indicators for x, y and size.

Treemap graph example

Treemap is designed to show changes over time. Choose two different years and the color will reflect the difference. Also here, you can reorder “Sector”, “Region” and “Country”. (Menu at the top)