Income per person updated

We have updated “Income per person” and “Income per person with projections”. This will be version 12.

The new data can be viewed here

The documentation for the new data can be viewed here: //

The following updates have been made:

(a) new updates from IMF and a few other complementary sources, we now have data upto 2012;
(b) revised historical series of former USSR republics so we now have yearly data rather than only benchmark years;
( c ) new data for Kosovo back to 1990;
(d) new swedish data for 1560 to 2005 from Schön & Krantz have been incorporated. Sweden in 1800 is slightly richer with the new data. Much of what is written about Sweden in the pdf documentation from 2011 in section 5.3 is now irrelevant (since that refers to the previous series which were much lower in 1800);
( e ) we deleted the data before 1800 for Finland, Denmark & Norway since they seemed to unreliable inlight of the new swedish data.