Gapminder World Offline


The old flash app is discontinued.
Please remove it from your computers and get the new
Gapminder Tools Offline app!
The new one doesn’t depend on Flash
and has the latest datasets and features.
You can even add your own data in there.
It’s free and will always be free.

Below you can still find the ancient flash app


Installation instructions (Windows, Mac and Linux)

Double-click the downloaded installation package and follow on-screen instructions. You may need to install Adobe Flash.

Update notes for the offline version click here


A short walkthrough of how to install Gapminder World Offline (Beta v0.0.5) and Adobe Flash on Windows 8. (The video is silent)



System Requirements

  • Windows – XP SP2 or later
  • Mac OS X – 10.6 or later
  • Linux – Details

Reporting a problem

Please visit our support page and use the “Report problem” feature to tell us what went wrong.