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What stops population growth?

About this Video

Hans Rosling is once again debunking myths. Watch this high-definition video to find out what population growth really is.

Hint: Press the icon in the right bottom corner of the video window to see the video in fullscreen.

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55 thoughts on “What stops population growth?

  1. In India population growth is a dangerous problem . So many causes are there for the problem .But it can be stopped with unique planning. If we maintain few steps it can be stopped . For this what we need is proper education , increasing consciousness and the most important thing is making people aware about the disadvantages of too excess population .According to Indian govt. the amount of new born baby in a year is appx. 2,70,00000 and the amount is increasing day by day .The Govt. should count total population and should divide it in two parts according to age . One is marriage-able-persons and another is non-marriage-able-persons .Now what they need is to increase awareness among the people of the first part. making rapid and regular survey among the people can provide the accurate result whether the system works or not.The Govt. can declare prizes of various types to people – can offer jobs and many other things .But it can be said that making any rule it can not be stopped . What we originally need is willpower. Thanks

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