Let my dataset change your mindset

About this talk:
In the talk at the US State Department in the summer of 2009, Hans  Rosling showed the overall global trends in health and income over the last 200 years, the development of the HIV/AIDS-epidemic and how China is catching up on the richest countries.

It was also the 500th TED-talk of all times.

From TED:s webpage:
Talking at the US State Department this summer, Hans Rosling uses his fascinating data-bubble software to burst myths about the developing world. Look for new analysis on China and the post-bailout world, mixed with classic data shows.

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7 thoughts on “Let my dataset change your mindset

  1. Another great presentation by Hans Rosling. A powerful picture of convergence, but I am very concerned about the too-brief mention that the world is converging on an _unsustainable_ pattern of socioeconomic relationships.

    Are nation states and global institutions willing and able to enough to change course and converge toward a more sustainable future? Might the world soon ~diverge~ when physical limits (“peak” everything) trigger violent competition for scarce resources as we seek false “progress” as defined by GDP and material things?

  2. I am Really interest in this vidoe , it will give us quite information about how can we think about the world and what is arounds as , so what will we do in the future it is really very good question i want to ask u , it need for ours to think about what are the changes and dovelopments , is that corecet , or it is not reality.so i am wait for the answer from you?

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