Swine flu alert! News/Death ratio: 8176

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During the last 13 days, up to May 6, WHO has confirmed that 25 countries are affected by the Swine flu and 31 persons have died from Swine flu. WHO data indicates that about 60 000 persons died from TB during the same period. By a rough comparison with the number of news reports found by Google news search, Hans Rosling calculates a News/Death ratio and issue an alert for a media hype on Swine flu and a neglect of tuberculosis.

WHO TB data available at http://apps.who.int/globalatlas/dataQuery/default.asp

WHO Swine Flu data available at http://www.who.int/csr/disease/swineflu/updates/en/index.html

75 thoughts on “Swine flu alert! News/Death ratio: 8176

  1. With the help of the News Media more people washing their hands and increae the preventive measures to avoid catching the swine flu. Without the news hype we might be in real trouble.

    No doubt TB is on the rise and news media do report it every few months. Also government and WHO do keep an eye on it.

    As compared to the SARS few years ago the world including News Media were late to response. Any comparison to SARS? Do we want to live in a preventive life style or corrective measures? This swine flu can be deadly but with all the precautions it is not spreading at this moments.

    A good News Media should have one Health item or more daily that will help us be informed. Some TV stations are doing it and hope all will do it. This is the focus we as the public should push for.

    Thanks for sharing the serious problem of TB.

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  3. How did you get the numbers from news.google.com?
    What was the search term and what was the timespan?
    (“swine flu” in 2009: 82400 “h1n1” in 2009: 332000)

  4. We (as adult humans) notice what changes in our environment and have to be reminded of that which remains constant. Thanks for the reminder. Think of a humming florescent light in the kitchen and a fly darting around your living room- which do you pay more attention to?

  5. Thank you so much.

    I am glad people like you exist.

    I am glad people like you stand up to bring some light into the confusion created by a society that has become too far from humanity and too close to profit-profit-maximize-profit-fast-fast-never-stop-don’t-think-just-do-it-where-is-my-bank-account-statement-am-i-a-winner…


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  7. The seasonal flu kills 500,000 people worldwide each year. The 1918 flu pandemic killed 50-100 MILLION people back when the world’s population was a quarter of what it is today. Swine flu had the potential to be anywhere in between, so it’s on par with tuberculosis, which kills 1.8 million people, of whom 1 in 4 also have HIV.
    I’m personally more interested in news about swine flu than about TB, because swine flu is more likely to kill me this year.

  8. THANK YOU for this. I am going to show this to all my friends to prove that Swine Flu is nine billion percent overhyped. Thanks!

  9. It would also be useful to compare government expenditures /death for the respective conditions. From my perspective at a local health district, state and federal spending and effort on H1N1 issues were huge. Committment of resources and staff appear to be driven by media and the resultant public preception of the issue, not by the health risk.

    Thanks for the video, I will use in our afteraction reports


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