Rosling’s World – a documentary about Hans Rosling

About the Documentary

A 55-minute documentary about Hans Rosling’s life & thoughts. Hans Rosling is a professor in international health. His presentations on global development evokes laughter, rejoice and reflections. He wants everyone to question their prejudices about the world – as he himself has needed to do. A documentary by Pär Fjällström, SVT.

(With subtitles in English)

One thought on “Rosling’s World – a documentary about Hans Rosling

  1. I absolutely love Hans Rosling.
    I have downloaded all his videos from TED and show them to as many people as possible.
    He is fascinating, ingenuous, incredibly funny, courageous but most of all inspiring.
    I just want to go back to school to attend one of his lectures.
    We need more people like him. Shall we clone him..??
    Regards from Italy

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