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8 thoughts on “Poor beat rich in MDG race

  1. Thank you for this enlightening myth reducing lecture(s). I will forward your links to so many intelligent people who still believe in these myths about the world situation. These lectures are a service to humankind.
    Veronica C

  2. Meaningless data is presented here. He is very desperate to show ‘equality’ in poor and rich countries that he starts with this in mind and makes up ways to show this. This lecture is politically correct piffle.

  3. The question is not whether ‘Bangladesh beats Sweden’ through selective selection of year-starting-points, but his mathematically unarguable conclusion that Aid does help and Things Do Improve.

    Now, we must move to the social question of changing centuries or more of social attitudes that favor large numbers of live births per family based on a cultural history of high child mortality. This attitude MUST be changed to acknowledge the improvement in longevity and childhood survival rates or the mathematics of exponential growth (that is, any aggregate birthrate > 2 per female) are inexorably moving us to disaster.

  4. Brilliant presentation but is his ‘unarguable conclusion’ right? That is the missing information link here. Causality. Other events might be responsible for increasing prosperity and decreasing child mortality. what if there hadn’t been aid: these countries might even had become stronger.

    I think this must be the next step in Roslings work. I hope he is right so we know how to move forward, but I am not that sure.

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