Asia’s rise, how and when (TEDIndia)

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Hans Rosling, at the first TED-conference in India, predicts when China and India will catch up with the United States in terms of income per person. He graphs global economic growth since 1858, depicting some of the main events using images and animated Gapminder charts.

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22 thoughts on “Asia’s rise, how and when (TEDIndia)

  1. Thoroughly enjoyed your vidoes – so did my students. Your method brings life to statistics that are little more thyan sleeping pills to my econo students. I have an American class and they were amazed at the clip on India. Thanks You for your creativity.

  2. Great !!!

    I showed this video to 24 students from 13 different countries ! Tremendous positive effect.

    That really bring everybody in the same world.


  3. The best infographics I have seen in my life. The fact that your charts are very interactive, it makes a solid presentation tool for any type of audience. Great work!!

  4. Oh My God,

    I am speechless after seeing this presentation. You made it. What these Investment Banks,Hedgefunds did not do? You have solid analytical and excellent presentation skills.

    Great way for China and India as long as west dont change their way of growing kids. If west learns from India and China and corrects themselves then China India face the heat.

    Now Asia is a bunch of cheap export countries. Asia should come out of this mindset.


  5. I enjoyed the presentation – and has sparked a wish to live till my 96th Birthday to see my grandchildren rich as Indians! I have the hope because IndoChina are the discoverers and invetors of most of sciences/technologies existing today – we already have a million idiots with us to change the world. Hindi Chini bhai bhai would have a strong economic reason now then during the Nehruvian era.

  6. I am impressed and found it very educative. I wish I am alive on 27th July 2048 to see the change projected by the speaker.

  7. Wow! now that’s what I call a superb presentation with facts and figures-impeccable blend of statistics. Hats off! But I am little worried about the environmental impact the “rat race” ,to be the superpower/largest economy,is going to bring about.

  8. A very motivating presentation for both India and China, who are already rich. These countries need to recognise their real wealth i.e. their people, their natural resources like minerals and forested lands and use them wisely. The coming years will be drain on both. Global warming and other man made disasters like war are catching on human existence very fast. What will be left of the world by then, and will the human race be alive till 2048?

  9. really inspiring and stimulating for young epidemiologists like me..and was really fortunate to hear you at the Indian Association of Epidemiologists conference in Delhi….. great work.
    Amit Karad

  10. Just been recommended your website and video presentations and just watched ‘Rise of Asia, How and When’ . It just so happens that it’s the 27th of July today ( I like the serendipity of it!) so Many Happy Returns and thank you for your enlightening take on world economy and for making this essential information so freely available.

  11. This is one of the best presentation and the flow was excellent.
    Years of study and analysis has been put in behind this presentation, perhaps each minute could be equal to a year ! Thanks to Mr. Hans Rosling for the most valuable forecast !

    1. We are glad if you do! Most of them are embeddable via YouTube (
      Best regards.
      Daniel, IT Developer

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