Bangladesh Miracle


About this Gapminder video

Have you heard about the miracle that has happened in Bangladesh over the last 30 years? No?

Bangladesh has the highest population density among the world’s most populous countries. Today, Bangladesh has more people than Russia, but the area is smaller than Florida.

So what is the Miracle? In 1970 an average women in Bangladesh gave birth to 7 children, and one of four of them died before the age of five. But after independence from Pakistan in 1971 things has improved. See Hans Rosling’s Gapminder video to understand how much.

6 thoughts on “Bangladesh Miracle

  1. An excellent and even inspiring video. I liked the wirecast aspect. It was excellently and thoughtfully prepared by someone who evidently loves the subject material. Thank you very much!

  2. This is an amazing perspective on change in the “third world”. These gapminder videos are inspirational. They give me a lot of hope for future.

  3. Yes I believe everything is possible in Bangladesh. Bangladesh itself is a miracle. During this economic recession, Bangladesh’s economy is getting stronger. Capital market is also booming. It has achieved its independence in nine months using bamboo stick against machine gun. Therefore, it is really a miracle. If you want to do anything miracle then come and visit Bangladesh

  4. Yes,
    Bangladesh is a miracle, it is a country with no apperent potential, if anyone looks at the facts about the country s/he might get an extreamly pessimistic picture of the country. But still the country is thiriving on every aspect. It is such a country where elegent economic theory of demand and supply work in a reverse way. if you want to see this for yourself come visit Bangladesh.

  5. Thank you for this truly inspirational piece. I am a Bangladeshi, and I was surprised to know how much we have improved!

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