Carbon dioxide (Energy)



All humans emit carbon dioxide (CO2) and contribute to the climate crisis. But some humans emits much more than others.

Although the total CO2 emissions from China are almost as big as those from United States, the emissions from a single American are more than 6 times larger than those from a person in China.

In China today, almost 80% of the electricity is produced from coal, and that proportion is increasing. What China needs is an environmental-friendly way of producing electricity that is cheaper than coal.

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  1. Or if you capture and store the CO2 from teh power plants you can reduce emissions. This seems unrealistic however. The best plan is solar energy. The technology is there, we just need to reduce costs and ramp up production.

  2. Kate…I’m sorry but you’re wrong. The net energy gain from nuclear is the same as wind energy…this has been documented in many, many places.
    Nuclear is limited in scope and thinking.

  3. Null, I completely have to disagree.

    You indeed CAN catch CO2 in the power plants and pump it down into the earth. Google it, the technology is not so far away. But of course doing that doesnt come for free. You have to pay for it.
    Still it is the most realistic option.

    Unfortunately I have to tell you your proposition is unrealistic:

    Solar energy is no option.

    People need energy the whole day. But when do you have energy from solar plants? Only by day. Building one solar plant for day production and relying on (probly mostly coal/gas/oil plants) at night is unrealistic because expensive. Why expensive? Because you need 2 power plants for the same amount of energy, one used at day and one used at night.

  4. Felix:
    The wind blows day and night, the earth is warm inside day and night, the waves hit the shores day and night and the water runs in the rivers day and night.

    There is no need to make yourself dependant on fossil fuels. (see

    Besides, capacitors can store excess energy during the day, releasing it at night.

    If you built a solar field spanning 100x100mi in the arizona desert with TODAYS TECHNOLOGY, you would cover the energy needs of the entire USA, INCLUDING TRANSPORT (given conversion to electric). The only thing (and this is true) keeping this from happening, is the death rattle of the petroleum industry. They make too much money to let this happen.

  5. CO2 is the basic nutrient of the food chain. Trees and plants grow up to 4 times faster with more CO2, and with less water. The desert areas could become green food production regions with more CO2. CO2 can not create any thermal energy, but can only collect a very small amount of energy from infrared in a very narrow band of wavelengths. It is safe up to at least 20 times the current levels in the atmosphere. They add extra CO2 to greenhouses to make the plants grow faster and bigger. => CO2 + H2O + light = carbohydrates and O2
    Wind is unreliable, sun is unreliable, but nuclear is always reliable with the new type of nuclear power plants used in France and Japan to generate about 70% of their power. The Sun uses nuclear and it has another 5 billion years to go. Fossil fuels are okay for now (they help agriculture by producing more CO2, which is extremely beneficial). But they won’t last for thousands of years, while nuclear will last millions of years.
    SO WHAT IS THIS POLITICALLY CORRECT GROUP-THINK THAT KEEPS US FROM BEING PRACTICAL AMERICANS AS WE ALWAYS BEFORE????? It is amazing!! Go visit a greenhouse, PLEASE, and feel good in there with that extra CO2 that the plants love.

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