A Slum Insight

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About this Video

A slum insight is a video developed by Gapminder in collaboration with UN-Habitat and ITC for the UN Habitat conference World Urban Forum III , Vancouver, Canada. The film was directed by Filmfront Stockholm and the graphic profile was made by Zut.

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<br /> A Slum Insight is free to use and distribute under a Creative Common licence, as long as you credit Gapminder.

15 thoughts on “A Slum Insight

  1. The downloaded file will play audio only; no video appears, just a black screen.

    I have written to this site on numerous occasions, requesting a copy of this short film to show in my classes here at the University of Illinois, but I have never received a reply. Once again I ask: could you please send me a file, ideally a MP4, via email?

    Thank you,

    Brian Dill

  2. I have viewed this video before and its great (I also use it for teaching purposes). Now the image is seen but there is no audio. If this could be fixed with the online version, it would be very much appreciated.
    Geography, University of Washington

  3. What happened to audio (prof. rosling’s narrative)? I used to show this to my class of 300. now as I go to lecture to do so again, audio is dropped! both on-line version and in dowload version.

    pls advise…

    dept of geography, UW madison

  4. Prof. Rosling’s narrative is back. Sorry for unintentionally changing the video source.

    Best regards.

    IT Developer, Gapminder

  5. Hans Rosling’s speech, his statistics and this video has inspired us to build a demonstration unit as a suitable solution to the slum problem. This unit can be built mostly out of biocomposite products that are based upon annual renewable crops. We can mobilise a mass production facility that will enable us to build hundreds or thousands of units physically close to the site where the slum needs replacing with these units. I am happy to be contacted to discuss this solution for slums with anyone that wants to discuss the solution. Take a look at the attached You Tube video to get a better understanding of the modpodTM solution for Emergency Housing.

    URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K_iMi54nzz4

  6. Hi:

    We found the video very informative about current problems associated with slums. It addressed options for various solutions and consequences, including child deaths, for the global community’s failure to address the problems of people living in slums. We’d like to recommend it on our website and have a link to your video. Please let me know the proper credits to give. Thank you.

  7. Again, this video is unwatchable. it stops playback after less than 25 seconds, after it loads for more than 5 minutes.
    please mirror it, youtube it, reframe it or even reupload it..


  8. Dear Meta, we are sorry for the troubles you have experienced and have no explanation why the playback stops on your computer. We will upload a movie-file so you can download and watch it from your computer.

    Hope that will work for you.

  9. Dear John Noonan,

    I find your idea great !Hopefully this would be a way to solve the slum problems!


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