Create your own Gapminder presentation

Download & combine the slides below to fit your presentation style. The first list of slideshows contains slides for various Gapminder Answers. The second list contains Test Questions including the results from our Global Knowledge Survey in different countries.

One way to use these modular slides

1) Ask your audience to answer one or more Test Questions;

2) Gather their answers but don’t disclose their results;

3) Explain the facts behind the correct answer using the related Answers Slides;

4) Now give them their results and discuss why they scored so poorly, which most audiences do;

5) Comfort your audience by comparing them with the public, using the results from our Global Knowledge Surveys found in the last slide after the Test Question. If your audience is young, they usually score better than the public, just because they have less preconceived ideas about the world…. they are more like chimpanzees.