Visualizing Swedish development aid

SADEV, the Swedish Agency for Development Evaluation maintains a database with time series data on Swedish bi- and multilateral aid allocation. The task to make sense of the development aid data is a difficult one.

Foto: Gry Hjeltnes/Sida

Which countries have received most, which sectors are biggest, and how much within a country went to different sectors, such as education or health? You also want to I know see how much aid was distributed through the different multilateral organizations.

To get things started Gapminder put the data from Sadev into a few different visualization tools.

See the result in Gapminder Labs Visualizing Swedish development aid

2 thoughts on “Visualizing Swedish development aid

  1. I’d like to thank Hans Rosling for his talk at the “Öppna Biståndet” seminar last Wednesday with the Aid Minister Gunilla Carlsson. A remarkable man that created remarkable “sexy” stats that can actually speak to each woman and man on earth.

    “Bringing sexy back….to stats!” should be written on Hans Roslings businesscard. The Justin Timberlake of statistics!

    More power to you, and keep up with incredible work that you’re doing.

    Best regards,

    Emre Gürler
    CEO & Founder
    Africa’s Potential.

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