Pakistan military budget is 10 x health budget !

i Just became aware of how very exceptional the BUDGET of the Pakistan government is. The government spend 4% of GDP on military, as high as the much richer USA do!! In % of GDP USA and Pakistan have among the highest military spendings in the world!

But in health the countries are very different! US spends 15% of GDP on Health (highest in the world) and of this the US government spends 7% of GDP on health; whereas Pakistani health spending is only 2% the most dramatic is that the government contribution is less than one fifth of that, meaning 0.4% of GDP.

THE PAKISTANI GOVERNMENT SPENDS TEN TIMES MORE ON MILITARY THAN ON HEALTH! THAT IS A REMARKABLE PROPORTION! See the relations here in Gapminder World where countries are bubbles, vertical is health spending , horizontal military spending and color percent of health spending from government, blue represents the lowest range and brown the highest range of government proportion in health spending.