Hans would have loved reading this after his death

Thousands and thousands of wonderful words have been written about my father during the last days. I knew he was popular. But I didn’t expect this avalanche of comforting condolences. Thanks a million everyone!

All the stories have been wonderful, but last night one article made my jaw drop. While scrolling down the page I kept thinking: Hans would have loved reading this after his death!

The article was called “This is how we let Hans Rosling rest in peace”. It was written in Swedish, by someone I’d never heard of. How could this person know my father so well? Was he a close friend of Hans, whom I had never met? How could he express with such precision what my father was thinking, and feeling?

After I woke up this morning I couldn’t resist calling the author, Peter Fällmar Andersson, who answered with a humble voice. He told me he had interviewed Hans only ones. Hans had mainly used the time to explain why he refused being categorised as an optimist. In addition to that, Peter only had access to the same free online material as everyone else.

Peter, you must be a very good listener! Many people didn’t hear what Hans was saying. And you must be a very good writer. Hans never managed to express his frustration as clearly as you do. The frustration of being fame, but not being listened to. And then you convey what Hans wanted everyone to hear!

Most people can not read our tribal language (as Hans usually called Swedish). So I asked Peter to translate the article.

Please read carefully:
This is how we let Hans Rosling rest in peace

Thanks Peter!
🙂 Ola Rosling