Corona is canceling flights but not teaching us to solve global warming

We asked this question to people in the UK and to our followers: — How much of all greenhouse gas emissions comes from airplanes?
In this video Ola Rosling (co-founder of Gapminder) shows that many are probably wrong about this, which can lead to great disappointment for people who are imagining that the Corona pause will significantly slow down global warming. This was strongly inspired by CarbonBrief’s analysis of the ongoing corona emission reduction. Read it here.
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— The source behind the correct answer is this article: “Measuring greenhouse gas emissions from international air travel…”, 2018 by Jörgen Larsson, Anneli Kamb, Jonas Nässén and Jonas Åkerman
— The assumptions about CO2 emissions per person on different income levels can be seen as country averages in this bubble chart.
— The slides used in this video are free to use under Creative Common License.