Barbados – Haiti: 15 -1

Michel Martelly was sworn in Saturday as the new president of Haiti. He face a relay tough task!

Since 1950 GDP/capita has not grown at all, it remains around 1 thousand dollar per person in Haiti. In spite of this Life expectancy has increased from 36 to 61 years. So with money sent home from relatives in US and modern health technology people do get more health for the buck! But so far they have got no more bucks.

In contrast, the close by Caribbean Island nation Barbados (where a dominant part of the population also are of African origin) increased GDP/capita 5-fold to 15 thousand dollar per person in Barbados. Barbados increase Life expectancy to 78 years, just one year less than USA! In fact blacks in Barbados live longer than blacks in USA.

Look at the chockingly different trails in income and health of Barbados and Haiti in Gapminder World

Ask your teacher or find out yourself; Why are the outcome for populations of African origin so different in different nations in the Americas!