A brand new Gapminder.org

As you can see, Gapminder’s web site has got a facelift, but also some helpful new features. Here are the most important new features that will help you explore the world with Gapminder.
News in Gapminder.org

New and improved Gapminder World
Most new features can be found in Gapminder World, the on-line graph that displays the development for for over 200 countries and territories for a large number of indicators.

We have made it much easier to find interesting stories in the vast amount of data. Simply click the “Open graphs menu” button to browse through the list of stories that we found interesting and together with the graph get a short explanation of what the graph is showing.

The list of stories will grow over time and please, feel free to suggest new graphs or comparisons from the data, that you think should be in that list.

You can of course still make your own graph by choosing yourself among the 430 indicators and share that graph with the world, as before.

We also made it a lot easier to share your graph through your blog, web page or e-mail as well as finding the documentation to the statistics we use in Gapminder World.

New Data page makes download of statistics easy
The new Data page lists all the indicators, allowing you to search and download data to excel by just a click of a button. You also have the option to simply view it online or see it in a Gapminder graph.

The data page also contains information about the countries and territories you can see in Gapminder  World and full documentation for the time series that have been compiled by Gapminder, from various sources.

Especially for teachers
To assist teachers and educators in using Gapminder in their education, we have opened a new For Teachers page especially for this group. During the spring we will add tools, resources and examples that we think could be useful in education.