Ola Rosling speaks at Campus Party in Singapore


Ola Rosling presented “Factfulness” to the crowd at the Campus Party in Singapore!

Ola presented the terrible results for the Misconceptions Study 2017 along the with the mega misconceptions that skew our worldview. They are:

1. People think that the world is divided in two. It’s not, most people live in the  middle.

2. People think that things are getting worse. While there are many bad things, the world is actually getting better.

3. The world population just keeps growing. Yes, the population is growing, but it’s expected to stabilise around 11 billion people by the end of this century.


Ola showed that everyone, including the entrepreneurs and software engineers present at the Campus party should have a fact-based worldview. Everyone needs to learn the basic facts about global development and be reminded that they too are suffering dramatic instincts when they interpret the world. They need a fact-based worldview, for example, to better understand the world, to better understand their consumers and their market, and reach beyond the “own-cultural” high income segment to reach the growing high-income consumers market in many countries.


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