Ola & Anna talk show global immunization in Kigali

Gapminder’s Misconceptions Study 2017 shows that the public of rich countries have no knowledge of the great success achieved after vaccinating children all over the world in the past decades. So Ola & Anna made sure to show the most recent immunization data from the World Health Organization, showing that trends in global health are more positive than we think. Ola pointed out that if we want the public to understand the global trends, such as vaccination trends and other global health issues, we need to simplify statistics and show it in ways that are easier to understand.

Watch their presentation in Kigali, Rwanda, for the Global Immunization Meeting 2018, here:

Anna also presented Dollar Street, a tool that used photos as data to show how the world actually looks like. Using the data we have, and making it understandable to the public is one of the most important steps not only to providing a more realistic view of the world, but to motivate improvements in data collection and analysis. As pointed out by Sabin Vaccines Institute here, the Principal Adviser and Chief of Immunization of UNICEF, Robin Nandy explains that “Although we discuss so much about the lack of quality data, we fail to use the data we have in hand. If we don’t use what we have, what would better quality data result in?”

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