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  1. Great material. Could someone please help me with the printing of these fabulous charts? I’m having trouble printing the charts in chart view only — any suggestions will be very helpful.

    Thank you,
    Sarah Lewis

    World Health Collaborating Center in Pharmaceutical Policy
    Boston, MA, USA

  2. Hi! Great charts! Is there anyway for me to download and play these on my macbook? I saw Hans Rosling give his TED lecture using a macbook pro.


  3. Actually this version on this page is really really old. You do not even want this on your Mac. The new version is live online and can be found under the Gapminder World link to the left or here: http://www.gapminder.org/world

    As of today it can only be used on-line but we are working on finding a downloadable version, keep your eyes on http://www.gapminder.org or subscribe to the newsletter in the field to the left and you will know as soon as there is a downloadable version ready.

    Under the “download” link on the left there are more presentations you can download on certain issues.

    Good luck!

  4. Dear Manish, please see my response above concerning the Mac-version. The only version we have of this old application that is called “World Health Chart” is the PC-version that you can download from this page. The data is this version is over ten years old, for the new and better version see http://www.gapminder.org/world.

    /Staffan, Gapminder

  5. I use this chart for my lecture. It is a great chart. I also introduce it to my colleageous in Indonesian Nutrition Department Forum during our Competency Based Curriculum Workshop, attended by lecturers from 26 Nutrition Departments of Health Polytechnics and 1 Academy of Nutrition wich were coming from all over Indonesia on Juli 5-9, 2010 in Banda Aceh, Indonesia . Thank you very much to Professor Hans Roslink from Karolinska Institute who has introduce me to this chart during our Global NutrITion 2004 in Karolinska Institute, Stockholms, Sweden. I told Dr. Martin Weber -Team Leader of maternal and child health from WHO Country Office for Indonesia- to develop Indonesia Health Chart with the data similar to World health Chart. If there is (are) person (s) want to teach me how to develop that chart, I want to learn from you. I hope we can develop it for Indonesia.

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