MDG 4 – Reducing Child Mortality


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Produced in collaboration with NORAD (Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation).


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8 thoughts on “MDG 4 – Reducing Child Mortality

  1. Another great presentation from Gapminder. This technology has truly revolutionised the way we understand what’s happening in the world around us. In particular, this presentation highlights how far we have to go in meeting MDG 4. A recent blog by several of my colleagues at the ODI has highlighted the role Obama’s administration can play in doing so: Obama and childhood poverty: Learning across the north-south divide is critical to tackle childhood poverty,

  2. Detta material är ju fantastiskt användbart för undervisning.

    För föredrag i Tyskland och Kanada där jag framför allt talar om amningens effekter vore det enastående att få lägga in dagens situation: barnmortalitet kontra inkomst. Men hur gör jag för att bara få med sista bilden in en PPt presentation (eller ev hela utvecklingen, det är ju oerhört illustrativt). Ledsen att jag besvärar med denna fråga, men tillhör en årsklass där PPt presenationer är en fantastisk Nyutveckling – så jag är inte så kunnig rent praktiskt

    Mvh Lars Å Hanson prof emeritus

  3. Great lead concept. I’ve been saying this for years. No idea how to get it to work on our machine. It looked like I downloaded the flash player for each slide and they it did not work. too bad. Probably great content. I could forward some graphics that might tell the same story. Drake

  4. hey thanks for this it was really helpful to me and my class members. would help though if it would download so fix your site. thanks from kincoppalthe school on the hill,.

  5. I truly deeply appreciate your passion on our issue-solvings.

    And I have a question. In the last part, I can not understand
    correlation with measles and bed nets ; but I can if it change
    malaria and bed nets.

    Thanks again.

    Dear Laurel, you are right, that slide is not super obvious, there is obviously no direct correlation between the two. This presentation was made as presentation-tool, for a certain purpose, but without speaking notes that slide, by it self, makes no real sense.

    The slide is just meant to show two global trends in the fight against child mortality, bed nets to fight malaria and immunization to fight measles. It builds on the slide before about Tanzania that has lowered Child Mortality the last years by higher health budget, bed nets and immunization.

    After talking about that we thought it would be a good idea to show the global trends on these areas. We will see if we can make that more obvious.


    Staffan, Gapminder

  6. Thanks for quick review and enthusiastic efforts for the abandoned children. As for me, I am also a father of two children.

    Cheer up, Go and get peace of …

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