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Gapminder HIV Chart

About this Chart

Gapminder HIV Chart 2009 is a map for print. It may be redistributed under a CreativeCommons license.
The size of the country bubbles in the chart represents the Number of people living with HIV. The y-axis and x-axis shows Adult HIV prevalence rate and Income per person, respectively.
Read more about HIV Trends in the blog: “See new surprising trends in HIV”

15 thoughts on “Gapminder HIV Chart

  1. Hej, Jag skulle vilja använda detta program till en powepoint presentation.

    In english by Google Translate: Hi, I would like to use this program for a powepoint presentation.

  2. I would like to use two Gapminder charts, including the HIV Chart 2009 in the next version of my book.
    How would I go about getting permissions?
    The Creative Commons site said to check with the copyright holder for anything that may have a commercial value, so that’s Gapminder.

  3. Hi – this is wonderful software and wonderful work you’re doing. I wonder if you have any product similar to the motion chart map of U.S. employment changes by county visualized in this Slate article, found here:


    Do you plan to expand beyond the traditional x/y mapping and go to actual mapping?

  4. Amazingly clear visual message with your work – congratulations on sharing this!
    Can you please advise how I could map incidence of liver cancer? Saw an indicator but struggling to plot over time.

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