There are different ways in which you can help Gapminder. If you wish to do so continue to read below and get in touch with us on [email protected]. Please keep in mind that we provide our content under Common Creative License and that any work you do will not be paid. You will, however, get our endless appreciation, formal recognition and the satisfaction of having contributed to creating a fact-based worldview!


We would love to add subtitles to all of our videos, and to provide our teacher guides, Dollar Street, and tons of content in many languages. If you are a Spanish, Arabic, Russian, French or any other language native speaker and you want to help us in this area, get in touch with us so we can agree on how to go forward. You can also sign up directly via this form:

Teaching materials

We are  developing tons of teaching materials and need teachers who can help us test the Gapminder exercises around the world. We want to know if these exercises work for different ages or if there are ways to improve them before we publish them. The exercises are easy, short and fun. Most importantly, they aim at updating all teachers’ and students’ worldview. Also, if you have developed materials using our frameworks and/or tools, get in touch so we can explore possibilities to showcase them in our website.

Ignorance questions

We are currently preparing the second Gapminder Misconception Study and are always hunting for new sources of ignorance and measuring their size. If you are some kind of expert and know of important global facts that people are wrong about, please tell us about them and point us towards reliable sources of information. See more here:

Dollar Street

Dollar Street is one of our most beloved projects and we wish to make it truly outstanding. For this to happen, we need to increase the number of homes portrayed. If you wish to add your own home or another volunteer home, get in touch with us. We can send you guidelines and more information on how to contribute in this way. Write to us or fill in this form:


Gapminder is a non-profit foundation. We are sustained mainly by grants and donations from individuals and organizations. We want to let teachers, journalists and everyone else to continue using our tools, videos and materials freely. However, we need your support so we can keep growing, improving our content and reaching out to bigger crowds worldwide. More information available here: