Bangladesh is better than we show!

Gapminder World displays the latest datasets available for different aspects of the progress of countries. The data for the last years are mostly estimations based on extrapolations from survey made in earlier years. When new survey results appear they should more or less correspond to the estimations if countries progress as expected.
BUT sometimes the progress is faster than expected. This is the case with the FALL OF MATERNAL MORTALITY IN BANGLADESH. A recent well-done survey in 2010 reveals that maternal mortality has been falling fast in Bangladesh during the last 10 years.
It is now down to 143 deaths per 100 000 births, almost half of what it was 10 years earlier. We show the latest international estimates in Gapminder World that is 330 per 100 000. But reality is that Bangladesh has progressed faster
How? A combination of government investments, aid and more capable health staff and people is behind this success story. And dense population makes it much easier to provide services to all. It seems as Bangladesh is just about to make it with flying colors to the modern world.